April 25, 03:00 PM
Restaurant Community Gathering
Cooking up success:
a journey through restaurant realities
JBR, Dubai
AI: elevating restaurant operation
Roman Avramov
CEO Syrve Group
Cost savings and profitability
Creative solutions
Customer experience enhancement
Data-driven decision making
The evolution of restaurant management: from single venue to chain prosperity
Abdelkarim Shahin
Director of Operations, Masha and the Bear restaurant
Expansion challenges
Complex decision-making
Operational optimization
Future growth strategies
Disrupting Dubai’s food market: the rise and fall of Greeno’s healthy food self-checkout concept
Alexandra Dorf
Co-founder, Greeno
What does it take to be a pioneer at a new market?
Blue ocean: free market niches - pros and cons
UAE healthy food segment: starting from a low-base
Descriptive technologies in UAE food market and local I consumption patterns
For the visitors
Open discussion
Free Tea party
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April 25, 03:00 PM
Place: JBR, Dubai
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